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Sharon C. Young

Sharon C. Young
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      Born and raised in the vibrant culture of Puerto Rico, I’ve carried the warmth of my roots throughout my journey. With over 30 years of experience in customer service, including 15 years in the private sector and another fulfilling 15 years serving in the federal government, I’ve honed my skills in catering to the needs of others.

      Formerly a head teller at a bank, I made the leap 24 years ago to Jacksonville, Florida, where I’ve found a home and a calling. Passionate about serving my community, I thrive on providing exceptional care and support to those around me.

      Beyond my professional endeavors, I’m deeply passionate about real estate. Whether it’s exploring historic properties or nurturing my own yard, I find joy in the beauty of architecture and landscaping.

      Family is my anchor, and I cherish every moment spent with loved ones. Together, we explore historic sites, create memories, and celebrate the richness of life.

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