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Diana R. Anderson

Diana R. Anderson
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    Real estate and helping people reach their highest heights and accomplish their goals has always been a passion for Diana, and with her background in Business Operations and Management, it is easy to see why so many customers have called on Diana for help with the buying and/or selling of their homes.

    Family, Passion and Growth is our culture, foundation and who we are at La Rosa Realty and Diana does well at making sure that always remains at the core of every relationship built and transaction closed.

    As the Managing Broker of La Rosa Realty Jacksonville, she puts her agents first. Diana prides herself on always being available to answer any questions, to show up to support at events and Open Houses, as an accountability partner to reach your goals and to motivate and encourage you when you need it the most. It’s all about “the one” when it comes to ensuring our agents feel supported and loved from the heart. We are a TRUE family and making sure we all RISE to the TOP and not one is left behind is what makes La Rosa Realty Jacksonville strong at the core. Our company culture bleeds BLUE PASSION!

    As a Coach with La Rosa Realty, Diana’s agents excel due to her diligence and care in educating them on how to be their best, equipping them with the knowledge and training necessary to perform and reach their goals.

    Diana is also very much involved with her community and gives back her time, money and efforts as often as possible, creating space for others to join in on this key work as well. “LEAD with the GIVING hand!” is her motto.


    I just want to say that the experience of dealing with La Rosa Realty Jacksonville, The Anderson Group was amazing for me personally. I was able to find a home for less than I had imagined, at an interest rate that is unbelievable! The whole process was very smooth and just pleasurable in itself. I would refer La Rosa Realty Jacksonville to anybody who needs a home and to anybody who wants to work with professional people. I just think that the whole experience was amazing!

    Clint Manning, March 2021

    We would like to thank La Rosa Realty Jacksonville for all of their help, their patience and kind words. I wold really like to thank Dwight because he listened to me ramble on about anything and everything when he would call and we would have our conversations. The process was very short, surprisingly. I thought it would be much longer but it was very short. We found our dream home and I am so grateful and thankful for everything that they have done for us….When you are ready to buy your house, contact La Rosa Realty Jacksonville, they got you! Thank you guys!

    Joseph and Octavia Bor….., April 2021

    We would like to thank Dwight and Diana with La Rosa Realty Jacksonville….This is a family thing for us because our daughter purchased from them as well as this is our second home we have purchased through The Anderson Group and we have enjoyed each and every experience. So, we look forward to not doing this again but they have been great friends to us and helped us along the way. They have encouraged us to stick with it and lead us to the right property to purchase. We have enjoyed all the services they provide. Thank you all once again, The Anderson Group and La Rosa Realty Jacksonville, Dwight and Diana in particular for helping us!

    Phil and Tanya Strong, May 2021

    Hello, my name is Chanel and we just closed on our Brand New Home and got the keys. We would like to thank the Anderson Group at La Rosa Realty Jacksonville for helping us find our dream home!

    Chanel Lowry, June 2021

    I would like to take the time out to thank Mr. Dwight and La Rosa Realty Jacksonville for helping us find our home!. He really took his time out and was patient to ensure that we got everything we needed. So, if you need a home, please go to La Rosa Realty Jacksonville!

    The Johnson Family, June 2021

    Our experience with The Anderson Group and La Rosa Realty Jacksonville has been nothing short of phenomenal! From the beginning to the end, the process has been made simple, easy to follow, with constant communication throughout the process. Helpful tips here and there, and reliable advice when we were in need of it. So, we just want to give a special shout out to them and make sure that you check them out here in Jacksonville for any of your housing needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.They are the team that is going to help you win!

    Stanley and Joanna Blanc, June 2021

    Buying a house is extremely stressful, however, working with Diana has been amazing! I have been looking fr houses for over two years on and off with different Realtors and she has literally been the best one that I have ever encountered. She cares about you, she makes it personalized, it’s all about what you want and she will fulfill everything you ask for. Thank you La Rosa Realty Jacksonville!

    Kayla Guyot, March 2021

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