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Cherie Spatcher

Cherie Spatcher
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    Hello, my name is Cherie Spatcher, a proud native of the Jacksonville, Florida area for more than 30 years. As a devoted wife and loving mother of two, I genuinely value the essence of family and the foundation of home ownership. For over 21 years, I’ve served as an advocate of public safety & the rehabilitation of law breakers; through my employee of the city of Jacksonville. Over the years I’ve
    grown a keen interest and passion for real estate through watching countless hours of HGTV, like many other women I know. However, I decided to manifest my motivation into an inspiration to
    enter the industry.

    As a home owner, I can fathom the importance of finding the right one and the patience it takes to locate the perfect place. The Real Estate Industry requires an array of exceptional traits from each of
    its agents. These traits include demonstrating quality customer service, exhibiting relevant knowledge and treating each client like family by all means. These are traits that I display on a daily
    and together we can move forward in unlocking the front door of your future!

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